4D Scaling Up Workshop


Four Decisions (4D) that determine your growth

The Four Decisions (Mastering the Rockefeller Habits) refer to the critical decisions that growth companies must get right in order to maximize their revenue, profit and time. These four decisions involve the areas of People, Strategy, Execution and Cash.

People: Is everyone in your company pulling their own weight and contributing as they should? If you had to restart your company tomorrow, would you enthusiastically rehire all of your current employees?

Strategy: Do you have a solid top-line revenue growth strategy in place? The key to sustainable top-line growth is three-fold: knowing your core customer, developing a clear brand promise and BHAG for sustainable growth.

Execution: One of the common challenges for successful growth companies is the subtle transition from having excellent execution to passivity, complacency and eventually degrade to poor execution disciplines.

Cash: We encourage companies to calculate their Cash Conversion Cycle to measure, company-wide, how long it takes between the time it takes for your company to spend one dollar to getting that dollar back in revenue.