What Makes a Good Boss?

A study analyzing 20,000 exit interviews revealed that the most common reason that people leave a job situation is poor supervision –- basically, they had a bad boss. Probably the biggest factor contributing to the perception of poor leadership seemed to be poor communication skills. How can you as a boss improve your communication with your employees? Here are 7 easy ideas to improve your communication skills and be a better boss:

  1. Listen. Really pay attention to what your employees are saying. As simple as this sounds, try this exercise; Tape a conversation then after you have finished communicating, try typing as much as you can of what the other person said. When you are finished, play the tape while reading your notes. See how accurate your listening and memory is.

  2. Make meetings a priority. Designate specific times to meet with your employees one-on-one at least twice a month. Not allowing interruptions during these meetings will convey to them that they have your undivided attention and that you value their input.

  3. Communicate change directly. When changes are going to have to be made in the workplace, let those affected know as soon as possible. Tell them personally and don’t let them find out through the grapevine.

  4. Let your employees know what you stand for. When they are aware of your value system, they will be able to make better decisions or at least decisions that will be more pleasing to you.

  5. Let your employees know how they are doing on a regular basis. Don’t let an employee find out that they are not performing up to your standards at their yearly performance review. This often happens best through in the moment encouragement or correction.

  6. Improve your public speaking skills. Your credibility with your employees is directly tied to your ability to convey information to them successfully.

  7. Don’t use e-mail to do your dirty work. Whenever a situation involves strong emotions, it should be dealt with in person.

Need help with your communication skills? A coach is one of the best ways to have honest feedback and steps for improvement. Why not try a free coaching session today?