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5 Steps to Better Decision Making

Decision-making seems like it should be a simple process, but sometimes we can find ourselves vacillating back and forth between one or more choices, truly unable to make a solid decision. One of the things that make decision-making so unnerving is the fear of making a wrong move. We may hesitate about making any kind of decision because we’re not sure of what the outcome will be. We get mired in “what ifs,” paralyzed by fears of what could go wrong. We worry that choosing wrong will cause an avalanche of bad luck to fall on our heads, or even worse, our decision will be wrong AND irreversible. However, even worse than making the wrong decision is letting our fear prevent us from making any decision at all.

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Decision Making - 6 Key Principles You Need to Know

When faced with a large or complex situation, there are two qualities that will lead to more effective decisions: logic and an open mind. When you approach a problem, strip your mind of preconceived opinions and prejudices. Logically assemble and learn the facts of the situation. By understanding the cause and effect relationship involved in a situation, you can formulate solutions that deal with the root of the problem. By keeping an open mind, you can creatively develop alternatives from which to choose when making your final decision.

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